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Our Team

Preservers of the Craft of the Wise

We seek to educate, inspire, and involve our community to promote spiritual growth and preserve the Craft of the Wise. For over 25 years we have held teaching circles for the Sabbats and many of the Esbats. Our gatherings honor a Celtic Pantheon.

In March 2008, our Circle was officially recognized as a church in New York State and has since gone on to achieve Federal recognition by attaining 501[c](3) status.

As preservers of the path, we are dedicated to growing our Priesthood from within our congregation through many years of dedication and handwork.

“As preservers of this planet we are dedicated to teaching people how to nurture nature. One small thing a day will result in lifetimes of change”
— Lisa Stewart, Founder, President, High Priestess, Author
Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart

Lisa is the founder of the Stewart tradition and High Priestess of the Church of the Eternal Circle. She is considered a knowledgeable craft elder and has taught classes and workshops on over 30 different esoteric subjects both in the US and internationally.

She opened the Awareness Shop in 1993. In addition to being the Shop’s owner for over 25 years, she is a working psychic, singer/songwriter, and author (recently published by Llewellyn Worldwide), who has dedicated her life to The Craft of The Wise. Lisa also holds many more responsibilities in the business, including buyer, marketer, merchandiser, bookkeeper, scheduler, and social media oversight. As President of the Church’s Board of Directors, she also manages the day to day operation of the Fellowship.

Anton Stewart

Anton Stewart

Anton Stewart is the co-founder of the Stewart Tradition and the High Priest of the Church of the Eternal Circle. He came to the Craft in 1998 and has served as a Brenin (High Priest/Clergy) since 2004.

A practicing psychic, healer and spiritual counselor, Anton is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of the Church and The Awareness Shop.

He serves as Chief Technical Officer and Accountant for both organizations. Anton is a musician, songwriter, and author with a deep love of nature. He considers his life to be immeasurably enriched by serving the Fellowship’s community and Craft of the Wise.

Dr Davis Sprague

Dr. Davis Sprague

Dr. Davis Sprague has been a long-term supporter of the Awareness Shop community, its circles, and classes from the time before the Church of the Eternal Circle was officially founded.

He was one of the original circle drummers for many years and in 2004 began teaching classes.

He has a history of work in ceremonial magick, chaos magick, and western qabalah groups, as well as a western mystery tradition, and reclaiming traditional witchcraft.

Davis has worked as a healer and is a Reiki master. Currently, he is a Brenin (Priest/Clergy) in the CEC, serves on the Board of Directors, and continues to teach and officiate at circles for the Church.

Carol Ebel

Carol Ebel

Carol Ebel has been an integral part of the CEC community since 2005 and has served on the Church’s Board of Directors since 2010.

As a Brenin (Priestess/Clergy), she has led over 100 rituals and participated in hundreds more.

Carol serves in the capacity of Official Scribe, aka Secretary.

She is a well-respected elder in the craft and continues to be a much-needed source of counsel and voice of reason.

Kristoffer Hughes, Druid, Author, Native Welsh Speaker

Jhenah Telyndru, Founder of The Sisterhood of Avalon, Educator, and Author

Halyna Shepko, Herbalist, Weaver, and Artisan

Star Douglas, Artist, Builder, Gardener, Beekeeper, and Naturalist

Joe Laudati, Sculptor and Author

The Earth is asking us to change and live in unity to support each other.

"Help us teach people how to leave the land better than how we found it for the next generation . . .   before it’s too late."