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Preserving Nature And The Ancient Ways For The Next Generation

Nurturing Nature Is In Demand

The Church of the Eternal Circle is a 25-year-old Celtic Fellowship with 501[c](3) status, located at 180 Main St. in New Paltz, NY, and has grown exponentially. We are now in need of a bigger place to carry out our mission and drive more impact both on the environment and on the people, hence the birth of Celtica.

What We Offer

We follow The Stewart Tradition, which is steeped in the Welsh Mysteries, and honor the Celtic Lunar Zodiac. We offer a welcoming, safe, and sacred space for community to gather, honor, and celebrate our Holy Days. Typically, we hold four -five gatherings per month.

We also provide:

  • Pastoral services and rites of passage for the members of our congregation.
  • Teaching circles for the Sabbats and many of the Esbats.
  • Gatherings to honor a Celtic Pantheon.

Our membership is growing every day. We are at a point where we have outgrown our current facilities, which has inspired this expansion called Celtica.

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“We seek to educate, inspire, and involve our community in order to promote spiritual growth and preserve the Craft of the Wise.”
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Our Mission

The Church of the Eternal Circle is seeking to raise $5 million that will enable us to:
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Whether you're a "seasoned old witch", a solitary looking for a group, or are completely new to the path, we invite you to join our gatherings and share in our magickal energy.

As preservers of the path, we are dedicated to growing our Priesthood from within our congregation through many years of dedication and handwork.

As a non-profit organization, we are entirely dependent upon charitable support. Please help keep our church growing by making a donation. It doesn’t matter how small; every dollar helps. Thank you!

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